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Sylvia Harmon,  Joan Sietsma,   Rose Stasny


Kris Perry,   Craig Silipo,   Maryanne Hazen

A Potpurri of Orchid Facts

   A POTPOURRI OF ORCHID FACTS – From “Growing Orchids is Fun”

  • Orchid plants are still useful in many crafts and trades. Gum from Ansellia gigantea is used to cement stones and wood together.
  • Vanilla is the most productive orchid today that is still being used throughout the world commercially.
  • Cypripedium acaule is known as the love tonic.  

Tasks for October

  TASKS FOR OCTOBER – From Martin Motes 

  • Space plants to increase air circulation. 
  • Water as early as possible in the day. 
  • Move Himalayan dendrobiums, catasetums, calanthes and other seasonally dormant plants to dry bright locations.
  • Reduce general fertilizer.
  • Apply extra magnesium and potassium. 

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