To bring snacks to the meeting

You can bring anything savory or sweet - if you are unable to bring something, please let  Marci Duncan (our next meeting chair) know that you have switched with someone else - but please find a fellow member with whom to swap snack dates.

Refreshment chair for the next two months we meet is Marci Duncan.

When we next meet, our contributors are Cathy Willard, Joan Ambrose, Sandy Ovens and Mercedes Kratz.    

Member's Gardens


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For albums of our Member's Gardens.

Click here to see them.

We love to show off our gardens.   

If you have any pictures, send them to me and I'll include them on our FB page.

A fun FB page from a new member is ORCHAHOLICS ANONYMOUS

On another note, the US Postal Service is releasing a new series of stamps on February 21st, Wild Orchids.   The AOS has been chosen to host the First Day of Issue Ceremony for these stamps.   

Florida Orchid Vendors

We often are asked where we find orchids and orchid supplies.   

These are a few of our local vendors.   If you'd like to be added to our list, please let us know.

Florida Orchid Vendors (pdf)


A Potpurri of Orchid Facts

   A POTPOURRI OF ORCHID FACTS – From “Growing Orchids is Fun”

  • Orchid plants are still useful in many crafts and trades. Gum from Ansellia gigantea is used to cement stones and wood together.
  • Vanilla is the most productive orchid today that is still being used throughout the world commercially.
  • Cypripedium acaule is known as the love tonic.  
    • A cool site from a new member:     ORCHAOLICSANONYMOUS

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We're a member of the AOS

You can get data on local and country-wide orchid shows and events, information on growing, etc. at this site.     This is a great organization for learning much about orchid growing.   You'll also receive a monthly magazine with many helpful articles about orchids.   A bargain for $45 per year.

The AOS has been chosen to host the First Day of Issue Ceremony for the new USPS series, "Wild Orchids".   They will be available after February 21, 2020.   Cool!